10th International Conference on Southern Hemisphere Meteorology and Oceanography

Changing southern climates

Noumea, New-Caledonia, 23 - 27 april 2012

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S00. Named session in honor of Johann Lutjeharms
S01. Monsoon Systems in the Southern Hemisphere
S02. Tropical cyclones: past, present and future
S03. Other severe weather systems: MCCs, cut off lows
S04. Intraseasonal Variability and Prediction in the Southern Hemisphere
S05. Interannual climate variability and Southern Hemisphere teleconnections
S06. Interdecadal climate variability and SH impacts
S07. Climate predictability in the Southern Hemisphere
S08. Climate change in the Southern Hemisphere
S09. Inter-ocean exchanges
S10. Ocean observing systems and operational oceanography
S11. Southern Hemisphere Subtropical Convergence Zones: SPCZ, SACZ, SICZ
S12. Southern Hemisphere Ocean circulation and climate
S13. Southern Hemisphere Island weather and oceanography: past and future
S14. From Climate Change Science to Adaptation
S15. ACRE – Atmospheric Circulation Reconstructions over the Earth
S16. Southwest Pacific Ocean Circulation and Climate Experiment (SPICE)
S17. Climate change in developing SH island countries

S00 Named session in honor of Johann Lutjeharms

In honor of Pedro L. Silva Dias. The theory and observations of multiscaling characteristics of the South American Monsoon System, Silva Dias P. L. (Introduction by A. Grimm)

On the role of the Agulhas system in ocean circulation and climate,Biastoch A.

S01 Monsoon systems in the Southern Hemisphere (A. Grimm and M. Wheeler)


Influence of decadal variability of the Atlantic and Pacific Oceans on South American Monsoon, Krishnamurthy V. – abstract # 421

Managing climate variability in agriculture: predicting the onset of the North Australian wet season, Wheeler M., Drosdowsky W. – abstract # 215

INVITED Model simulations of the evolution and variability of the South American Monsoon System (SAMS), Berbery E. H.  – abstract # 388

Aerial rivers and lakes: looking at large scale moisture transport over South America and its relation to Amazonia, Arraut J., Nobre C., Marengo J., Barbosa H. –  abstract # 409

Changes in precipitation variability over South America from both CMIP3 and CMIP5 models, Vera C., Junquas C., Li L., Le Treut H., Lejeune Q. –  abstract # 305

Evidence of ENSO forced late Holocene failure of the Northwest Australian monsoon, McGowan H., Marx S., Moss P., Hammond A. –  abstract # 229

INVITED Decadal variability of Asian-Australian monsoon-ENSO-TBO relationships, Meehl G., Arblaster J. – abstract # 453

Observed and simulated anomalous rainfall and circulation patterns during the Australian monsoon, Ramasamy S., Moise A., Colman R., Hanson L. –  abstract # 259


Probabilistic forecasts during the monsoon season: the analogs technique as a tool for precipitation prediction over Southeastern-South America, Aldeco L., Ruiz J., Saulo C. - abstract # 299

Low level flow characterization crossing Santa Cruz de la Sierra during summer: a Lagrangian approach, Drumond A., Marengo J.,  Ambrizzi T., Nieto R., Gimeno L., Wernli H. - abstract # 273

Interdecadal variability of the South American monsoon: impacts on extreme precipitation events, Grimm A., Drozd L. - abstract # 415

Impacts of ENSO and the East Asian winter monsoon on boreal winter rainfall in Asian-Australian monsoon region, Jian M. - abstract # 232

Estimating and evaluating rainfall patterns over Papua New Guinea, Smith I., Moise A. - abstract # 233

S02 Tropical cyclones: past, present, future (H. Diamond, M. Wheeler and K. Tory)


Variability in projected tropical cyclone activity in GCM ensembles and a regional climate model, Chattopadhyay M., Abbs D. – abstract # 84

Dynamically downscaled simulations of Australian region tropical cyclones - a multi-model approach for the Australian region, Abbs D., Lavender S., Rafter T. – abstract # 117

The influence of ENSO on inter-annual variability of tropical cyclones in the Southwest Pacific region, Devi V., Jacot Des Combes H., Hemstock S., Murphy B., Chand S. – abstract # 150

Tropical Cyclogenesis Conditions in the South-Western Indian Ocean, Roux F., Meetoo C. – abstract # 28

Seasonal forecasting of tropical cyclone activity in the tropical Pacific using a dynamical coupled model, Shelton K., Kuleshov Y., Hendon H. – abstract # 356]

INVITED Tropical cyclones and climate change in the Southern Hemisphere, Walsh K. – abstract # 279

INVITED Severe weather forecasting disaster risk reduction and demonstration project (SWFDDP) and tropical cyclones, Ready S. – abstract # 463

Global impact of tropical cyclones onto the marine ecosystem, Menkes C., Levy M., Lengaigne M., Bopp L., Vincent E., Ethe C., Madec G., Jullien S. – abstract # 355

The influence of ENSO on inter-annual variability of tropical cyclones in the Southwest Pacific region, Devi V., Jacot Des Combes H., Hemstock S., Murphy B., Chand S. – abstract # 150

A Southwest Pacific Tropical Cyclone climatology and linkages to ENSO, Diamond H., Lorrey A., Renwick J. – abstract # 138

Tropical cyclogenesis on an aquaplanet, Ballinger A., Held I., Zhao M. – abstract # 392

Detection of tropical cyclones in the Southern Hemisphere from a global 50 kms ARPEGE simulation, Chauvin F. – abstract # 464

Reanalysis of tropical cyclone : ORAMA - VEENA – TAHMAR, Laurent V. – abstract # 127


Evaluation of the impact of hurricane Tomas on Futuna Islands, Hoibian T., Allenbach M. - abstract # 363 [S02-hoibian-363]

Contribution of tropical cyclones to the air-sea CO2 flux: a global view, Levy M., Lengaigne, M., Bopp L., Menkès C., Madec G., Ethe C., Kumar D., Sarma V. - abstract # 7 [S02-levy-7]

Validation of TRMM daily precipitation estimates of TC rainfall using PACRAIN data, Chen Y., Ebert E., Davidson N. - abstract # 330

Southern Hemisphere tropical storm response to global warming, Gleixner S., Durgadoo J., Keenlyside N., Tseng W.- L., Bengtsson L., Hodges K. - abstract # 92

Global study of ocean surface cooling induced by tropical cyclones: oceanic control, Lengaigne M., Vincent E., Masson S., Menkès C., Samson G., Jourdain N. - abstract # 223

Intraseasonal forecasts of TC activity over the Southern Hemisphere, Leroy A., Wheeler M., Vittart F. - abstract # 222

Water vapor budget and the development of tropical cyclones, Li W., Chen S., Wang L. - abstract # 47

Research activities at La Réunion regarding the intensification of tropical cyclones and their impacts, Plu M., Chauvin F., Barbary D., Barthe C., Bigjee N., Bonnardot F., Bovalo C., Chane-Ming F., Faure G., Ibrahim G., Leroux M.-D., Mékiès D., Piron A., Quetelard H., Réchou A., Roux F. -  abstract # 107

Possible linkage between the monsoon trough variability and the tropical cyclone activity over the Western North Pacific, Wen Z., Wu L., Huang R., Wu R. - abstract # 104

S03 Other severe weather systems: MCCs, cut off lows (L. Gimeno and T. Ambrizzi)


The influence of convective systems on the diurnal cycle of precipitation over Tropical South America, Barros S., Oyama M. – abstract # 237

INVITED Cyclonic developments over South Atlantic Ocean: present and future climate, Ambrizzi T., Reboita M., Da  Rocha R. – abstract # 315

Island effects on contrasted rainfall regimes over Society Islands during the wet season, Chaboureau J.P., Ortega P., Bielli S. –  abstract # 303

The three-dimensional distribution of clouds around Southern Hemisphere extratropical cyclones, Govekar P., Jakob C., Reeder M., Haynes J. –  abstract # 213

The dynamics of blocking anticyclones and the connection to heatwaves in Southern Australia and rainfall in Northeastern Australia, Parker T., Reeder M., Berry G. – abstract # 164

New developments on explosive and cut-off cyclones based on energetics and thermal properties, Pezza A., Black M., Garde L., Veiga A., Simmonds I., Davidson N. – abstract # 85

Cut-off low predictability in Southern South America: a case study, Saucedo M., Ruiz J., Campetella C. – abstract # 276

Synoptic analysis of mesoscale convective systems occurred in Parana river basin in 2011, Silveira V., Teixeira M.  – abstract # 297

The contribution of mesoscale convective complexes to Southern Africa summer rainfall, Blamey R., Reason C. – abstract # 142

Fronts and Precipitation in Observations and Climate Models, Catto J., Berry G., Jakob C., Nicholls N. –  abstract #239

Correlation between cutoff-low systems in the Southern Hemisphere and SAM and ENSO, Reboita M., Garreaud R., Nieto R., Da Rocha R., , Gimeno L., Ambrizzi T. – abstract # 178


Numerical simulation of an intense rainfall event in the city of Manaus using the WRF model, Aranha A., Veiga J. – abstract # 186

The Argentinean col, frontogenesis and strong rainfall in subtropical South America, Arraut J., Satyamurty P. – abstract # 145

Investigation of the dynamical and microphysical properties of mesoscale and orographic convective systems in La Réunion Island from newly installed operational S-band Doppler polarimetric radars, Bousquet O., Plu M., Tabary P. – abstract # 91

Extreme weather rainfall events over Manaus-AM simulated with WRF model, Brito A., Veiga J. – abstract # 80

The extreme weather rainfall event of April 1st 2011 over Manaus-AM as simulated by the WRF model, Brito A., Veiga J. – abstract # 152

Analysis of heavy rain and flood events of December 2007 over Zimbabwe, Chikoore H. - abstract # 387

Dynamics of wintertime cold air intrusions at the East of the Andes: from subtropical Argentina to Bolivian and Peruvian Amazon, Espinoza J. C., Ronchail J., Silva Y., Quispe N., Llacza A., Avalos G., Bettolli M.-L. - abstract # 312          

Numerical forecast of visibility based on a mesoscale meteorological model and its application in a typical sea fog event over Pearl River estuary, China, Fan Q., Chan P., Yu W., Lan J., Zhou D. - abstract # 40

Data assimilation on WRF: a case study for the severe storm event on Southeast of Brazil, Farias W., Yamasaki Y. - abstract # 311

Relationship between extratropical cyclones and extreme precipitation events over the La Plata basin region, Pereira N., Ambrizzi T.  - abstract # 437

Numerical and observational study of the dynamics of Paracas winds, Quijano Vargas J. J., Takahashi Guevara K. - abstract # 408

A climatology of cutoff low formation around South America, Quispe N., Avalos G. - abstract # 163

The analysis and inter-connectedness of atmospheric variables at the Cape Columbine weather station during the period September 2009 to March 2010, Ramulifho A. E. - abstract # 10

Cutoff-low systems associated with surface cyclones in the South America and adjacent oceans, Reboita M., Da Rocha R., Siqueira V., Ambrizzi T. -  abstract # 179

S04 Intraseasonal variability and prediction in the Southern Hemisphere (M. Wheeler, A. Kijazi and A. Grimm)


Winter intraseasonal variability in South America, Alvarez M. S., Vera C., Kiladis G., Liebmann B. –  abstract # 309

Rainfall variability and implication for agricultural sector in the Limpopo district (South Africa), Ambrosino C., Chandler R., Todd M. –  abstract # 12

Seasonal simulation of heavy rainfall events over southern Africa using a high-resolution regional model: sensitivity to cumulus parameterization schemes, Bishoyi Ratna S., Venkata Ratnam J., Behera S., Rautenbach H., Takahashi K., Yamagata T. –  abstract # 22

Intraseasonal tropical atmospheric variability associated to the two flavors of El Niño, Gushchina D., Dewitte B. – abstract # 109

Teleconnections between South America and South Africa in intraseasonal time scales, Grimm A., Reason C. – abstract # 414

The role of antecedent soil moisture conditions on climate variability over Southern Africa, Mdoka M., Tadross M., Hewitson B. – abstract # 379

INVITED Intra-seasonal prediction of remote drivers of Australian climate variability using POAMA-2, Marshall A., Hudson D., Wheeler M., Hendon H., Alves O. – abstract # 341

INVITED A dynamical ocean feedback mechanism for the Madden-Julian Oscillation, Matthews A., Webber B., Heywood K., Stevens D. – abstract # 73

Spatial patterns of tropical OLR intraseasonal anomalies, as revealed by a self-organizing map. Influence on Southern Africa rainfall, Oettli P., Tozuka T., Izumo T., Yamagata T. – abstract # 57

Comparison of split flow blocking indices and a cluster state representation of blocking in the Southern Hemisphere, Risbey J., O'Kane T., Franzke C., Monselesan D. –  abstract # 280

Oceanic response to the Madden Julian oscillation in the Southern Hemisphere, Vialard J., Duvel J. P., Lengaigne M., Jayakumar A., Sengupta D., Gnanaseelan C. – abstract # 459

The dynamics of subtropical anticyclones, Schwendike J., Reeder M., Jakob C. –  abstract # 199

Atmospheric circulation associated a wet and dry spells in the Mantaro valley, Perù, Sulca J., Silva Y., Takahashi K., Mosquera K. –  abstract # 438

An analysis of the cloud phase over the Southern Ocean using A-train, Huang Y., Siems S., Manton M., Protat A., Delanoë J. – abstract # 86

Millennial-scale insights into ENSO activity and teleconnections from kauri tree rings, Fowler A., Boswijk G., Lorrey A. – abstract # 125


How does the impact of the Madden-Julian oscillation on the Australian monsoon vary with the phase of ENSO?, Wheeler M. - abstract # 205 [S04-wheeler-205]

Trends of extreme temperature events in the Recife city-PE, Brazil, Correia W., Pedra G. - abstract # 447

Synoptic based evaluation of climatic responses to soil moisture perturbations over Southern Africa, Mdoka M., Tadross M.- abstract # 386

Dry extreme precipitation events over Southeastern Brazil in the winter and relations with variability of SST in the South Atlantic Ocean, Pampuch L., Ambrizzi T. - abstract # 119

Atlantic Carbon Experiment (Acex): results from the first cruise, Schultz C., Pezzi L. - abstract # 426

An evaluation of soil moisture climatology as derived from Claris-LPB regional models, Saulo C., Spennemann P. - abstract # 381
The 2011-12 Cindy/Dynamo field campaign, Zhang C.,Ling J. - abstract # 470

S05 - Interannual climate variability and Southern Hemisphere teleconnections (R. Allan, M. Pontaud and C. Ummenhofer)


Key synoptic components of cool season rainfall across Southern Australia: relative contributions, variability and trends, Pook M., Risbey J., McIntosh P. – abstract # 212

Southern African climate variability, Reason C. – abstract # 246

Southern Hemisphere atmospheric circulation: role of teleconnections, sea surface temperatures, horizontal resolution, physical parameterizations and topography on the simulated climate in a Global Climate Model, Saurral R., Camilloni I., Ambrizzi T. – abstract # 191

A comparison of classification methods for identifying relationships between the Southern Annular mode and the Australian hydroclimate, Tozer C., Kiem A., Verdon-Kidd D. – abstract # 345

The sensitivity of atmospheric blocking in the Australian region to local and remote SST, regional temperature gradients, and topography, Ummenhofer C., McIntosh P., Pook M., Risbey J. – abstract # 300

Seasonality and decadal variability of Central Pacific and Eastern Pacific teleconnection in SW Pacific, Barbero R., Moron V. – abstract # 265

Extreme oceanic and atmospheric anomalies in the South Pacific and Western Antarctica associated with the 2009–10 El Niño, Boening C., Lee T. – abstract # 210

Teleconnection pathways of ENSO and the IOD and the mechanisms for impacts on Australian rainfall, Van Rensch P., Cai W., Cowan T., Hendon H. –  abstract # 71

Southern Hemisphere response to warm pool El Niño events in a future climate, Hurwitz M., Newman P., Oman L., Molod A. – abstract # 141

Seasonal zonal asymmetries in the Southern Annular Mode and their impact on regional climate anomalies, Jones J., Fogt R., Renwick J. – abstract # 170

Extreme discharge and climate variability in the upper Solimões River (Western Amazon basin), Espinoza J. C.,, Ronchail J., Guyot J.-L., Junquas C., Vauchel P., Santini W., Lavado W., Drapeau G., Pombosa R. – abstract # 310

On the role of Eddies in the Southern Ocean temperature response to the Southern Annular Mode, Le Sommer J., Zika J., Molines J.-M., Barnier B., Dufour C., Penduff T., Vivier F. – abstract # 61

The effect of the South Pacific Convergence Zone on the termination of El Niño events and the Meridional asymmetry of ENSO, McGregor S., Timmermann A., Schneider N., Stuecker M., England M. – abstract # 48

On the impacts of the South Atlantic Ocean dipole on regional precipitation, Nnamchi H., Li J. – abstract # 376

Comparing ENSO properties in two versions of the Australian Community Climate and Earth System Simulator (ACCESS) coupled model, Rashid H., Bi D., Dix M., Hirst A., Marsland S., O.Farrell S., Sullivan A., Sun Z., Uotila P., Zhou X.– abstract # 358

Large-scale patterns linked to low-frequency variability of daily intensity of extreme rainfall for spring in Argentina, Robledo F., Penalba O., Vera C. – abstract # 296

The impact of the South Pacific Convergence Zone on the phase transition of ENSO - Insights from CGCM results, Stuecker M., Timmermann A., McGregor S., Jin F. F. –  abstract # 68

The role of Indian Ocean SST for South American climate, Taschetto A., Ambrizzi T., Ummenhofer C.
–  abstract # 295

A CART analysis of South-East Australia precipitation regimes from relationships with sub-tropical ridge variability, Whan K., Timbal B., Raupach M., Lindesay J. –  abstract # 285


Interannual variability of rainfall in the Southern Equatorial region of Africa and global teleconnections, Dezfuli A., Nicholson S. - abstract # 304

The interannual variability of the contribution of the main oceanic moisture sources for the Southern Hemisphere precipitation: a Lagrangian approach, Drumond A., Gimeno L., Nieto R., Ambrizzi T. - Castillo R. -  abstract # 274

Is there a relationship between the SAM and Southwest Western Australian winter rainfall?, Nnamchi H., Li J. - abstract # 220

Effects of the 11-year solar cycle on the teleconnectivity of tropospheric circulation in the Southern Hemisphere, Huth R. - abstract # 58

Anomaly of the rain extreme South of Brazil and index Antarctic oscillation, Marques J., Garcia M.  - abstract # 441

Impact of climate variability on sea level changes in East Africa, Ngwali M. - abstract # 384

Evolution and atmospheric response to the South Atlantic Ocean dipole, Nnamchi H., Li J. -  abstract # 378

Relationship between the Pacific-South American modes and the vertical movement over the South America, Reboita M., Santos I., Ambrizzi T.- abstract # 180

Trends in the drought affected area in Southern South America, Penalba O., Rivera, J. - abstract # 194

Connections between mid-latitude heat waves and heavy rain in the tropics, Sadler K., Pezza A., Cai W. - abstract # 258 

Which dog is responsible for seasonal climate variability in South Australia?, Tozer C., Verdon-Kidd D. - abstract # 338

Variability climate of the occurrence of dry days during rainfall periods in the semi-arid Brazilian,
Barreto N., Mata M., Lucio P., Mendes D., Pedra G. - abstract # 445

An alternative method for determining the month rainier using Markov chain for the semi-arid Brazilian, Barreto N., Correia Filha W., Mendes D., Lucio P., Pedra G.- abstract # 446

An asymmetry in the IOD and ENSO teleconnection pathway, Cai W., Van Rensch P., Hendon H. - abstract # 70           

The link between ENSO and North Australian SSTS, Catto J., Nicholls N. - abstract # 240

Climate Variability in the Coast of Rio Grande do Sul, South of Brazil, Cecilio C., Souza R., Casagrande F. - abstract # 435       

S06 Interdecadal climate variability and Southern Hemisphere impacts (C. Vera, C. Ummenhofer, A. Biastoch and R. Allan)


INVITED The Walker Circulation, tropical cyclones, and global warming, Power S., Kociuba G., Callaghan J.  – abstract # 21

The Walker Circulation, tropical cyclones, and global warming, Power S., Kociuba G., Callaghan J.  – abstract # 21

Interdecadal variability of low streamflows over the Argentinean Andes, Rivera J., Penalba O. – abstract # 176

Changes in the Southern Hemisphere Hadley Cell and attribution, Nguyen H., Timbal B., Arblaster J., Syktus J., Wong K.  – abstract # 342

INVITED The mid-1970s climate shift in the Pacific and the relative roles of forced versus inherent decadal variability, Meehl G., Hu A., Santer B., Teng H., Arblaster J. – abstract # 454

Recent changes in atmospheric circulation over New Zealand and their impact on temperature trends in the Marlborough vineyard region, Sturman A., Quénol H.  – abstract # 106

Factors affecting the interannual variability of Australian Rainfall, Baines P. – abstract # 287

Analysis of impacts of ENSO and PDO phases on maximum and minimum extremes temperature in Southern Brazil, Firpo M., Sansigolo C. – abstract # 339

Using reanalysis and tide-gauge data to determine ocean decadal climate variability since 1950, Vargas Hernandez J.M., Wijffels S., Meyers G., , Holbrook N. – abstract # 203

On the ability of climate models to simulate Meridional circulation variability over New Zealand, Dean S., Renwick J., Mullan B.  – abstract # 37

South Eastern Australia rainfall in relation to the mean Meridional circulation, Timbal B., Nguyen H., Lucas C., Hendon H., Fawcett R.,Griffiths M. – abstract # 319


The 2011 Brisbane flood and the status of the Pacific Decadal Oscillation: is there an impact from climate change?, Cowan T., Cai W. - abstract # 369

Quasi-decadal variability of upper ocean salinity in the Western Equatorial Pacific and mid-latitude of South Pacific, Hasegawa T., Ueki I., Ando K., Mizuno K., Hosoda S. - abstract # 228

Oscillation of the wind in the low atmosphere and the minimum temperature in the South Extreme of Brazil, Marques J., Pedra G. - abstract # 439

Long-term droughts in Amazonia, Obregon G. O., Marengo J.A. - abstract # 171

Variations of the winter India-Burma Trough and their links to climate anomalies over Southern and Eastern Asian, Wang T., Yang S. -  abstract # 264

S07 - Climate predictability in the Southern Hemisphere (M. Pontaud and C. Vera)


INVITED Seasonal prediction to support climate change adaptation - capacity building in Pacific Island Countries and East Timor, Jones D., Charles A., Cottril A., Lim E.-P., Langford S., De Wit R., Shelton K., Hendon H., Kuleshov Y., Pahalad J. – abstract # 44

Use of seasonal forecasts in New Caledonia: a challenge for downscaling, Leroy A., Céron J.-P., Déqué M., Charon I. – abstract # 361

Bias correction and post-processing under climate change, Vannitsem S. - abstract # 33

Can a better initialization method improve the predictive skill of Southern Ocean Sea Ice at decadal time scales? , Zunz V., Goosse H., Jungclaus J., Dubinkina S., Sallaz-Damaz Y. – abstract # 442


Seasonal ensemble prediction with a coupled ocean-atmosphere model, Frederiksen J., Frederiksen C. - abstract # 292 [S07-frederiksen-292]

Regional climate forecast for Southern Brazil, Ferraz S., Pedroso D. - abstract # 140

Anomalies of rain in january-february in the South Extreme of the Brazil, Marques J., Fernandes V. - abstract # 440

Removing ENSO-related variations from the climate record, Compo G., Sardeshmukh P. -  abstract # 434

S08 Climate change in Southern Hemisphere (R. Frouin)


Some aspects of the annual surface temperature cycle in the Southern Hemisphere, Bye J., Fraedrich K., Kirk E., Schubert S. – abstract # 219

Modelling and understanding the causes of increased rainfall in Northwestern Australia, Ackerley D., Reeder M., Jakob C. – abstract # 158

Recent global trends in atmospheric fronts, Berry G., Jakob C., Reeder M. – abstract # 231

ACCESS coupled model and its present-day and pre-industrial Climate simulations, Bi D., Dix M., Marsland S., Hirst T., O'Farrell S., Uotila P., Rashid H., Kowalczyk E., Sullivan A., Sun Z. – abstract #329

Southeast Australian autumn rainfall reduction: A climate-change induced poleward expansion of atmospheric circulation, Cowan T., Cai W. – abstract # 209

Deep waters melting West Antarctic ice sheet margin mirror global ocean exponential warming, Martinson D., Webb L. – abstract # 411
CSIRO-MK3.6.0 Southern Hemisphere heat and momentum change under uniquely forced attribution and detection experiments, Collier M., Kwang-Yul K., Hirst T., Rotstayn L., Jeffrey S.  – abstract # 466

Changes and projections in the annual cycle of Southern Hemisphere weather systems, Frederiksen J., Frederiksen C., Osbrough S., Sisson J. –  abstract # 291

Climate Change and Phytoplankton Diversity in the Southern Ocean, Frouin R., Ueyoshi K., Alvain S., Loisel H. –  abstract # 460

INVITED On the evolution of climate science over the last 30 years, as reflected in the ICSHMO conferences, Karoly D. – abstract # 465

Assessment of climate variability and change in East Africa in using high resolution models, HIRHAM5, Osima S., Hewitson B., Stendel M. –  abstract # 249

Estimating the effects of Eastern and Central Pacific ENSO upon the observed freshening trends of the western Tropical Pacific Ocean, Singh A., Delcroix T. – abstract # 206

INVITED Evaluating the radiative impact of Southern Hemisphere dry season forest fire aerosol emissions in short multiscale climate model forecasts, Somerville R., Kooperman G., Pritchard M. –  abstract # 169

INVITED GCMS, The IPCC, and climate change in the Southern Hemisphere, Somerville R. – abstract # 235

Spatial changes in the annual cycle of atmospheric pressure across the Southern Hemisphere in recent decades, Stephens D. J., Evans F., Van Loon H. – abstract # 452

Joint distribution of daily temperature and precipitation in Argentina, Tencer B., Rusticucci M.  – abstract # 200

Rainfall variability in South Australia – Highlighting the influence of Hadley circulation and sub-tropical ridge, Ewenz C., Kamitakahara R. – abstract # 281

Impact of the Indian Ocean high pressure system on winter precipitation over Western and Southwestern Australia, Iqbal M. J., Hameed S. , Rehman S., Collins D.   abstract # 17

Climate Change in apparent temperature indices over Australia, Jacobs S., Pezza A., Bye J., Barras V. –  abstract # 211

Anthropogenic Impact on Agulhas Leakage, Biastoch A., Boening C. W. – abstract # 34

Regime dependent changes in monsoon precipitation over tropical Australia and the wider region, Moise A., Colman R., Hanson L. – abstract # 359

Projected seasonality of Aragonite Saturation State in the Western Tropical Pacific & Its potential effects on Coral Reef Health, Nandini S., Jacot Des Combes H., Lenton A., Kuchinke M. –  abstract # 333

Impacts of land use changes in Southern South America climate for extreme climatic periods, Pessacg N., Solman S. – abstract # 115

Seasonal influence of zonal wave three on Antarctic surface temperature , Raphael M. – abstract # 442

Trends in climate extremes of rainfall and temperatures in the Mantaro Valley , Silva Y., Trasmonte G. – abstract # 444

Mechanisms associated with the East Africa severe drought of 2010-11, Thiaw W. – abstract # 461

The impact of climate change on the global energetic, Veiga J.A., Ambrizzi T., Pezza A. – abstract # 136


Phytoplantkon groups detection from PHYSAT remote sensed measurements in the Austral Ocean and comparison with models, Alvain S., Bopp S., De Monte S., D'Ortenzio F., Duforet-Gaurier L., Frouin R.,  Le Quere C., Loisel H., Racault M.-F. - abstract # 62

Precipitation trend in the Tropical Oceans in the last decade based on TRMM PR observations, Fu Y., Lu D., Liu Q., Wang. Y., Li R. - abstract # 261

Interannual variations of warm precipitation and the Associated Cloud Properties over the Tropical Oceans inferred from 10-year TRMM observations, Liu Q., Liu X., Fu Y. - abstract # 385

Relationships between ENSO and precipitation extremes in climate model simulations, Kysely J., Beranova R., Picek J. - abstract # 130

Observed sea surface height anomalies as a constraint for equatorial wind stress products, McGregor S., Sen Gupta A., England M. - abstract # 49

Dependence of the surface daily extreme temperatures in La Plata basin on the daily circulation features in Southern South America and its future projection, Penalba O., Bettolli M.-L. - abstract # 173      

To little ado about nothing in 21st century rainfall projections, Power S., Delage F. - abstract # 81

Impact on hydrological flows and water quality using the swat model - the case of Piracicaba watershed, Rodrigues De Queiroz M., Ribeiro da Rocha H. - abstract # 135

Atmospheric circulation and Rossby waves patterns in a warming climate, Shimizu M., Cavalcanti I. - abstract # 82

HadGEM2-es performance over South America, Shimizu M., Buscioli Capistrano V. - abstract # 147

Climate change impact on flood and water resources for hydropower catchments in New Zealand
Zammit C., Singh S., Hreinsson E., Woods R., Poyck S., Hendrikx J., Dean S. - abstract # 36

 A data assimilation approach for reconstructing sea ice volume in the Southern Hemisphere, Zunz V., Massonnet F., Mathiot P., König Beatty C., Fichefet T., Goosse H., Vancoppenolle M. - abstract # 168

Impacts of Gravity Wave Drag Parameterizations on Antarctic Ozone Hole Simulations, Dargaville R., Morgenstern O., Karoly D. – abstract # 278

S09 - Inter-ocean exchanges (A. Biastoch and J. Hermes)


Unravelling the influence of the Southern Hemisphere winds on the Agulhas current system, Durgadoo J., Biastoch A. – abstract # 112

INVITED Inter-ocean exchange through the Indonesian seas: Developing proxies for long-term monitoring, Sprintall J. – abstract # 16

Modeling and energetics of tidally generated wave trains in the Lombok strait: impact of the Indonesian Throughflow, Aiki H., Matthews J., Lamb K.  –  abstract # 425

Greater Agulhas response to shifts in the Indian Ocean wind field, Loveday B., Reason C., Penven P. – abstract # 118

Contribution of Pacific wind stress to multi-decadal variations in upper-ocean heat content and sea level in the tropical South Indian Ocean, Schwarzkopf F. U., Boening C. W. – abstract # 90

Oceanic teleconnection between the Southern Ocean and other basins, Masuda S., Awaji T., Sugiura N., Ishikawa Y., Kawano T. –  abstract # 14

The dynamics of Tasman leakage in a high-resolution model, Van Sebille E., England M., Zika J., Sloyan B. – abstract # 334

Forcing of Indian Ocean Dipole on the interannual variations of the Tropical Pacific Ocean: roles of the Indonesian ThroughFlow, Wang J., Yuan D., Xu P., Zhou H., Zhao X., Luan Y., Zheng W., Yu Y. –  abstract # 456

INVITED Sustained monitoring of the Southern Ocean at Drake Passage: past achievements and future priorities, Meredith M., Woodworth P., Chereskin T., Marshall D., Jullion L., King B., Provost C., Hughes C., Donohue K., Naveira Garabato A. – abstract # 65

Coupled ocean-atmosphere above Brazil-Malvinas Confluence region based on data collected in situ, satellite and numerical model, Casagrande F., Souza R., Pezzi L.  – abstract # 443


Mixing and dynamics of a solitary meander in the Agulhas Current, Leber G., Beal L. - abstract # 144

Variability of surface transport at the Drake Passage and its relationship with the tropical Pacific Ocean, Lee J. H., Hong C. S. - abstract # 365

On the structure of the Agulhas Leakage, Loveday B., Reason C. - abstract # 395

S10 - Ocean observing systems and operational oceanography (A. Schiller, J. Vialard and J. Hermes)


INVITED Recent development and applications of ocean state estimation, Lee T. abstract # 185

Southern Ocean surface salinity changes over the last two decades, Morrow R., Kestenare E., Dencausse G. –  abstract # 251

Physical variability of the Eastern Australian shelf from an integrated marine observation system, Schaeffer A., Roughan M., Morris B., Rossi V. abstract # 371

Global developments in operational oceanography and Southern Hemisphere applications, Schiller A. – abstract # 32

INVITED Australia's Integrated Marine Observing System - Achievements and Future Challenges, Hill K., Moltmann T., Proctor R. – abstract # 50

The Southern ocean observing system: towards implementation, Newman L., Meredith M. P., Gunn J., Sparrow M., Urban E., Rintoul S. R., Speer K., Hofmann H., Summerhayes C. – abstract # 153

The EUMETSAT ocean and sea ice SAF and its products over the Southern Hemisphere, Guevel G., Le Borgne P., Eastwood S., Stoffelen A., Piolle J. F., Tonboe R.  – abstract # 116

INVITED Recent development and applications of ocean state estimation, Lee T. – abstract # 185

PI-GOOS - From Ocean Observations to Societal Benefit in the SW Pacific, Wiles P., D'Adamo N., Piotrowicz S., Diamond H., Dexter P., Webb A., Ostrander C. – abstract # 325


Sea surface salinity observations in the global ocean from ships of opportunity, Alory G., Delcroix T., Diverres D., Maes C., Morrow R., Reverdin G., Techine P., Varillon D. - abstract # 137

A coastal monitoring and forecast system as a decision support tool for coastal and emergency management in South East Queensland, Australia, Kobashi D., Tomlinson R., Hughes L., Lewis A., Siva I. Chen G., Cook R. - abstract # 13

The EUMETSAT OSI SAF sea ice products: a closer look at the Southern Hemisphere, Lavergne T., Eastwood S., Cziferszky A., Dinessen F., Dybkjaer G., Killie M.-A., Toudal Pedersen L., Larsen R., Guevel G. - abstract # 139

Potentiality of glider data assimilation in the Solomon Sea: control of the mass field and parameter estimation, Melet A., Verron J. - abstract # 25

Spatio-temporal variability of sporadic upwelling events over Australian continental margins during the last decade, Rossi V., Schaeffer A., Sudre J., Roughan M., Waite A. - abstract # 349

Oceansafrica - building an integrated capability for marine observations and forecasting, Hermes J., Bjorn B., Reason C., Blamey R., Loveday B., –  abstract # 60

S11 Southern Hemisphere Subtropical Convergence Zones: SPCZ, SACZ, SICZ (S. Power and K. Takahashi)


A multi-scale framework for the origin and variability of the South Pacific Convergence Zone, Matthews A. – abstract # 75

Low-level wind, moisture, and precipitation relationships near the South Pacific Convergence Zone in CMIP3 models, Niznik M., Lintner B. – abstract # 83

INVITED Asymmetric events of the South Pacific Convergence Zone (SPCZ), Cai W., Lengaigne M., Borlace S., Cowan T. –  abstract # 457

Influence of the Brazilian plateau orography over austral summer precipitation in South America, Junquas C., Vera C., Li L., Le Treut H. – abstract # 143

Interannual and long-term variability of the South Pacific Convergence Zone, Lengaigne M., Vincent E., Jourdain N., Menkes C., Thibaut S., Marchesiello P., Lefevre J. – abstract # 290

Interpreting precipitation changes between present-day and mid-Holocene in the South Pacific and South Atlantic Convergence Zones, Lintner B., Mantsis D., Broccoli A. – abstract # 257

Changing SST gradients and projected drying of the South Pacific Convergence Zone in bias-corrected climate model experiments, Widlansky M., Timmermann A., Schneider N., McGregor S., Stein K., England M.  – abstract # 335

Changes in the South Pacific Convergence Zone in IPCC AR4 coupled model projections of future climate, Brown J. R., Moise A., Delage F., Power S. – abstract # 26

Vertical structures of diabatic heating in the SPCZ, SZCZ, and SICZ, Zhang C., Ling J. – abstract # 97


The spurious Intertropical Convergence Zone: insights from aquaplanet general circulation models, Bellon G., Oueslati B., Hopuare M. - abstract # 373      

On the use of lightning data for climatology and meteorology studies in the South Pacific: application to the ZCPS, Ortega P., Hopuare M. - abstract # 323

S12 Southern Hemisphere Ocean circulation and climate (R. Morrow, J. Hermes and A. Biastoch)


Eddy compensation of the enhanced sea-to-air CO2 flux during positive phases of the SAM, Dufour C., Le Sommer J., Gehlen M., Orr J. C., Simeon J., Molines J.-M., Mainsant G., Barnier B. – abstract # 95

The non-equivalent barotropic structure of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current, Phillips H., Bindoff N. –  abstract # 467

INVITED  Interannual variations of the Seychelles dome, Tozuka T., Yokio T., Yamagata T. – abstract # 52

INVITED Variability and trends in Southern Ocean surface waters and possible implications for global climate, England M. – abstract # 41

The response of the Antarctic Circumpolar Current to decadal wind stress changes in a hierarchy of ocean model simulations , Patara L., Biastoch A., Boening C. W. – abstract # 380

Influence of winds and SST on summer Chl-a in the Southern Ocean, Carranza M., Gille S. – abstract # 316

Analysis of the seasonal characteristics of mixed layer stratification in the Southern Ocean from model and in-situ observations: a rigorous test for upper ocean physics models, Chang N., Swart S., Monteiro P. – abstract # 397

Regionally contrasted mixed layer depth response to the SAM, Mainsant G., Le Sommer J., Dufour C., Molines J.-M., Barnier B., Gallee H. – abstract # 374

Synchronous intensification and warming of Antarctic Bottom Water outflow from the Weddell Gyre, Meredith M., Gordon A., Naveira Garabato A., Abrahamsen P., Huber B., Jullion L., Venables H. –  abstract # 132

Impact of Ocean Acidification on carbonate production by the large benthic foraminifer Marginopora vertebralis in the coastal waters of Fiji, Naidu R., Erez J., Pohler S., Jacot des Combes H., Maata M. – abstract # 156

The relationship between wind stress and Ekman currents in the Antarctic Circumpolar Current,  Roach C., Phillips H., Bindoff N., Rintoul S. – abstract # 23

Biogeochemistry implementation in a regional ocean circulation model at the Brazil-Malvinas confluence region: analysis for 1987-1996 period, Schultz C., Pezzi L., Ferreira W. – abstract # 423

Low-frequency sea level variability in the Southern Indian Ocean, Feng M., Zhuang W., Chamberlain M. - abstract # 375

Water property changes along WOCE repeat sections in the Australian Antarctic Basin between the 1990's and recent years, Van Wijk E., Rintoul S. – abstract # 260

ENSO controls on Tropical wave climate: Present and Future, Lengaigne M., Vega A., Menkes C., Andréfouët S., Queffeulou P., Ardhuin F., Vincent E., Marchesiello P., Legendre R. – abstract # 201

Upper ocean circulation and mixing in the Southern Ocean, Zajaczkovski U., Gille S. – abstract # 326

Dynamics of the Durban Cyclonic Eddy and the possible consequences of climate change, Guastella L., Roberts M., Shillington F. – abstract # 359


The roles of JEBAR and the Ekman dynamics in the Southern Ocean: maintenance of the mean kinetic energy by the barotropic and baroclinic energy routes, Aiki H., Sakuma H., Richard K. - abstract # 427

The origin and fate of mode water in the Southern Pacific Ocean, Morrow R., Hasson A. - abstract # 250

Mechanisms maintaining Southern Ocean heat transport under projected wind forcing, Spence P., Dufour C., Saenko O., Le Sommer J., England M. - abstract # 471

S13 Southern Hemisphere Island weather and oceanography: past and future (J. Renwick and I. Ansorge)


New Caledonia's climate of the future, Cavarero V., Leroy A., Ganachaud A., Lefèvre J., Menkes C., Lengaigne M., Peltier A. – abstract # 256

Wind shear and the Southern Ocean buffer layer, Hande L., Siems S., Manton M. – abstract # 131

Annual extreme sea-level climatologies for Pacific and Indian Ocean Island Nations, Hoeke R., Mcinnes K. – abstract # 320

Transport and dispersal of gas and aerosols from passive degassing of Vanuatu volcanoes, Lefèvre J., Frouin R., Marchesiello P., Menkès C., Bani P., Rodier M. – abstract # 336

Air-sea energy fluxes over a coral reef, Heron Reef, Great Barrier Reef, Australia, MacKellar M., McGowan H., Phinn S. – abstract # 151

Climate-based models for understanding and forecasting dengue epidemics, Descloux E., Mangeas M., Menkes C., Lengaigne M., Leroy A., Tehei T., Teurlai M., Gourinat A.-C., Benzler J., Pfannstiel A. – abstract # 357


The diurnal cycle of precipitation over the maritime continent in a high resolution atmospheric model, Loveday B., Matthews A. - abstract # 74 [S13-matthews-74]

Wind atlas of the Archipelago of Society, Laurent V. - abstract # 124

S14 - From Climate Change Science to Adaption (B. Dawson)


From climate change science to adaptation, Dawson B. [S14-dawson-introduction]

Understanding the implications of climate change for Pacific staple food production - a Cassava case study, Crimp S., Taylor M., Naululvula P., Hargreaves J., Webber B., Laing A., Gleadow R., Aallbersberg B. –  abstract # 455

Wallis and Futuna Islands in the global climate change, Allenbach M., Hoibian T., Couturier A., Touraivane, Pouillet S. –  abstract # 366

Future Projections for the Tropical Western Pacific, Sen Gupta A., Brown J. N., Ganachaud A., Muir L. –  abstract # 202

Adapting Tropical Pacific fisheries and aquaculture to climate change: the importance of atmospheric and ocean science, Bell J. – abstract # 294

Dealing with climate model biases in the Western Tropical Pacific Ocean., Brown J.N., Muir L., Sen Gupta A., Brown J., Murphy B., Risbey J., Zhang X., Ganachaud A. – abstract # 189

Downscaling the climate change for oceans around Australia, Chamberlain M., Matear R., Sun C., Feng M. –  abstract # 367

Why won’t you use data from my Ocean Model in your Fisheries Model?, Hillary R., Evans K., Hobday A. – abstract # 271

The incorporation of science into Vanuatu's infrastructure design, Malsale P., Phillips P. –  abstract # 458

Seasonal dynamical prediction of coral bleaching risk in the Western Pacific Ocean, Spillman C. – abstract # 24


IRIACC-AVEC Brazil Project: vulnerability and climate extremes in the Ararangua, Muza M., Cuadra S. - abstract # 382

S15 - Special Session: ACRE - Atmospheric Circulation Reconstructions over the Earth (R. Allan, P. Frayssinet and E. Petermann)


Reconstructing southern weather from the archives of English mariners, Brohan P. – abstract # 89

Developing the Sparse Input Reanalysis for Climate Applications (SIRCA) 1850-2012, Compo G., Whitaker J., Sardeshmukh P., Giese B. –  abstract # 433

Rescuing and securing climate data in Oceania, Hutchinson R., Campbell B., Collins D., Howard A., Martin D. – abstract # 105

The International Atmospheric Circulation Reconstructions over the Earth (ACRE) Initiative, Allan R.  – abstract # 18

INVITED ACRE Pacific: inception, current work and future directions, Lorrey A., Lefale P., Diamond H., Lutebacher J., Chappell P., Malsale P., Allan R. – abstract # 347

South Pacific historical environmental data recovery - the SPHERE project, Wilkinson C. – abstract # 15

Estimating Bellingshausen Sea winter sea-ice extent from 20th Century Reanalysis winds, Marshall G. – abstract # 113


Development of China homogenizied monthly precipitation dataset during 1900 –  2009, Li Q., Peng J. - abstract # 11 [S15-li-11]

El Niño-Southern oscillation influence on the dust storm activity in Australia: can the past provide an insight into the future?, Pudmenzky C., Stone R., Allan R. - abstract # 87

An anomalous trend in mean sea level pressure over New Zealand in the 20th Century Reanalysis, Dean S., Fouhy E. - abstract # 46

An intercomparison of the SAM index in the 20th Century Reanalysis, HadSLP2 and statistical reconstructions, Jones J., Fogt R. - abstract # 393

S16 Special Session: Southwest Pacific Ocean Circulation and Climate Experiment, SPICE (S. Cravatte, W. Kessler and A. Ganachaud)


Circulation of the Coral Sea from mapped ARGO trajectories, Kessler W., Cravatte S.  – abstract # 208

INVITED The circulation of the Southwest Pacific Ocean, Schiller A., Ridgway K. – abstract # 263

Ocean circulations in the Solomon Sea: a very high resolution modelling approach, Verron J., Djath N., Melet A., Barnier B., Molines J.-M., Gourdeau L. –  abstract # 27

The mean and the time-variability of the Meridional overturning circulation in the South Pacific Ocean, Zilberman N., Roemmich D., Gille S. – abstract # 420

Achieved and expected scientific advances from the Southwest Pacific Ocean Circulation and Climate Experiment (SPICE), Ganachaud A., SPICE contributors – abstract # 108

Mean and seasonal variations of the ocean surface circulation in the Coral Sea, Sudre J., Maes C. – abstract # 111

Q-IMOS monitoring of the western boundary currents of the Coral Sea the Great Barrier Reef, Steinberg C., McAllister F., Rigby P., Brinkman R., Luetchford J., Brinkman G., Bartlett C., Herzfeld M. –  abstract # 362

INVITED Multi-decadal sea level and gyre circulation variability in the southwestern tropical Pacific Ocean, Qiu B., Chen S., Kessler W. – abstract # 277

Southwest Pacific Ocean changes over the past 50 years, Holbrook N., Couto A., Vargas M. – abstract # 351

Variability in the East Australian Current: Existing Evidence and Observing System Plans, Hill K., Sloyan B., Ridgway K., Rintoul S., Oke P. – abstract # 51

New Zealand's subtropical boundary currents and the Tasman Front: a summary of observations, Bowen M., Sutton P. – abstract # 327

From the Western Boundary Currents to the Pacific Equatorial Undercurrent: modeled pathways and water mass evolutions, Grenier M., Cravatte S., Blanke B., Menkes C., Koch-Larrouy A., Durand F., Melet A., Jeandel C. –  abstract # 293

Coastal upwelling and upper ocean circulation in the Bismarck Sea: its impact on SST cooling, Hasegawa T., Ando K., Mizuno K., Lukas R., Taguchi B., Sasaki H.  – abstract # 227

Seasonal Sea Surface Salinity and Temperature changes in the Western Solomon and Bismarck SEAS, Delcroix T., Alory G., Leger F., Radenac M.-H., Singh A. –  abstract # 234


Observed Circulation in the Solomon Sea from SADCP data, Cravatte S., Ganachaud A., Kessler W., Eldin G., Dutrieux P. - abstract # 255

The Pandora cruise, July 2012: an integrated approach of the circulation in the Solomon Sea, Eldin G., Cravatte S., Jeandel C. - abstract # 372

Inflow to the Solomon Sea: the sharp bend of the New Guinea Coastal Undercurrent studied by an inverse box model, Gasparin F., Ganachaud A., Maes C., Marin F., Eldin G. -  abstract # 190

Time variability of the East Caledonia Current east of Lifou Island, Marin F., Fuda J.-L., Durand F. - abstract # 340

High resolution barotropic modelling of the Solomon Sea, Testut L., Cravatte S. - abstract # 254

S17 - Climate Change in developing SH island countries (S. Power and B. Murphy)


INVITED Regional climate simulations over the South Pacific: results for current and future climate, Katzfey J., Chattopadhyay M., McGregor J., Nguyen K. –  abstract # 364

The role of the Pacific-Indian ocean warming pattern on climate change simulated for the Australasian region, Watterson I. – abstract # 188

A major new scientific report on Climate Change in the Pacific, Power S., Hennessy K., Cambers G., Rischbieth J., Baldwin S., Murphy B., Brown J., Collins D., Colman R., Irving D., Katzfey J.  - abstract # 29

Past, Current and Future Climate for Islands in the South West Pacific and impacted by the South Pacific Convergence Zone, Kumar R., Brown J. R. – abstract # 79

Past, current and future climate for islands in the far Western Pacific and impacted by the West Pacific monsoon, Hiriasia D., Irving D.– abstract # 77

Past, current and future climate for Pacific Islands on or north of the Equator and impacted by the Intertropical Convergence Zone, Ngemaes M., Murphy B.  –  abstract # 78

Advancing the understanding of climate change science in Pacific Island Countries and East Timor, Cook G., Cambers G. – abstract # 76

INVITED Providing climate projections for individual Pacific Island Nations - Part I: Limitations imposed by climate model biases, Brown J. N., Brown J. R., Hennessy K., Irving D., Muir L., Murphy B., Perkins S., Risbey J., Sen Gupta A., Zhang X. – abstract # 126

INVITED Providing Climate Projections for Individual Pacific Island Nations, Part 2: Current Progress and Future Directions, Irving D., Hennessy K., Brown J. N., Brown J. R., Sen Gupta A., Perkins S., Muir L., Rischbieth J. –  abstract # 39

An updated assessment of land-based rainfall trends across the island nations of the Western Pacific, McGree S., Collins D., Akapo A., Campbell B., Diamond H., Fa'anunu O., Hiriasia D., Hugony S., Hutchinson R. et al. – abstract # 43

Impacts of ENSO on South Pacific Islands and their representation in CMIP3 and CMIP5 models, Murphy B. – abstract # 216

Interannual variability of the Papua New Guinea monsoon, Inape K., Smith I., Moise A. – abstract # 38

Using the Pacific Climate Futures web-tool in Niue, Pulehetoa-Mitiepo R., Clarke J.  – abstract # 159


An updated assessment of land-based temperature trends across the island nations of the Western Pacific, Jones D., McGree S., Diamond H., Fa'anunu O., Hiriasia D., Hugony S., Hutchinson R., Inape K., Jacklick L., Moniz T., Ngemaes M., Porteous A., Samson P., Seuseu S., Skilling E., Tahani L., Talagi F., Teimitsi F., Toorua U., Vaiimene M., Vuniyayawa V., Vavae H., Whan K., Campbell B. - abstract # 41

Tropical cyclone data portals: regional (Cook Islands) and global (Southern Hemishere) coverage, Vaiimene M., Ngari A., De Wit R., Shweitzer M., Phan J., Dowdy A. Jones D., Kuleshov Y. - abstract # 110

Analysis of historical climate extremes in the Pacific Region using new and existing indices, Whan K., Alexander L., Jones D., McGree S. - abstract # 363

Observed climate variability and change and projected future climate of the Cook Islands, Vaiimene M., Bates N. - abstract # 474

Observed climate variability and change and projected future climate of the Federated States of Micronesia, Aranug D., Berdon J. - abstract # 475

Observed climate variability and change and projected future climate of Fiji, Kumar R. - abstract # 476           

Observed climate variability and change and projected future climate of Kiribati, Abeta R., Tetam T., Beniamina I. - abstract # 477  

Observed climate variability and change and projected future climate of the Marshall Islands, Lobwiij N., Juria N. - abstract # 478

Observed climate variability and change and projected future climate of the Nauru, Depaune M. - abstract # 479

Observed climate variability and change and projected future climate of Niue, Puletoa-Mitiepo R., Murray Togiamana R.  - abstract # 480

Observed climate variability and change and projected future climate of Palau, Ngemaes M. - abstract # 481

Observed climate variability and change and projected future climate of Papua New-Guinea, Inape K. - abstract # 482

Observed climate variability and change and projected future climate of Samoa, Seuseu S., Fau T. - abstract # 483

Observed climate variability and change and projected future climate of Solomon Island, Siota T.and Wairaha L.  - abstract # 484

Observed climate variability and change and projected future climate of Timor Leste, Moniz T., Ximenes M. - abstract # 485

Observed climate variability and change and projected future climate of Tonga, Tu'uholoaki M., Vea U. - abstract # 486               

Observed climate variability and change and projected future climate of Tuvalu, Ene E., Finaunga M. - abstract # 487

Observed climate variability and change and projected future climate of Vanuatu, Malsale P., Philips B. - abstract # 488

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